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The mother of quintuplets is unable to pay for groceries, but a voice behind her says, “Your bill is already paid.”

“Mom of quintuplets can pay for groceries,” a voice behind her says. “Your bill is already covered.” Rachel Wilson and her husband Jack Rover joined when they found out they were expecting quintuplets. They had been trying for a child for years, and when they were blessed with five children at once, they couldn’t control their joy. Jack Wilson was a truck driver who made a solid living, so when the babies were born, it was easy for Rachel to quit her job and care for their children.

Things went on swiftly for four years. Rachel and Jack never expected anything to go wrong, but something did, and Rachel was at a loss. One day, Jack left for work early in the morning and never returned. It was their wedding anniversary, and Rachel had tried to stop him since she had a nagging feeling something wasn’t quite right, but Jack had managed to talk her around. “Don’t worry, honey. Read the full story here ▶