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The Councilman Who Voted To Defund The Police Is Now Begging For Their Help

Although Los Angeles councilor Mike Bonin has voted to cut funding to the police department, he called cops eight times since April, begging them to help defend his home from protestors. Bonin was one of the eleven councilors who voted to cut back the Los Angeles Police Department budget this past June, but it seems that personally, he relies on the cops to keep himself and his family safe.

Because of Bonin’s vote, the Los Angeles police department will have $150 million less in funding in the annual budget. Nevertheless, he has put the police department to work by calling eight times to get a police cruiser out to his home to defend it from protestors.

Bonin, 53, was horrified by the death of George Floyd and wanted to make sure residents of Los Angeles knew that he cared about them. That’s why he agreed to vote in favor of cutting the LAPD budget by a large margin. Nevertheless, he had secretly called for police reinforcements when things got out of hand at his property.

The truth about Bonin’s connection to the police was exposed by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin. He tweeted a link to the public records indicating that Bonin has called the police to his Venice Beach home eight times since April.

However, Bonin denies that he made those calls to the LAPD. Instead, he argued that Melugin was wrong and that “this is as false as the tampon story you broke.”

He wrote, “I have NEVER asked LAPD for patrols at my house.”

He added, “When protests occurred at the homes of other elected officials and LAPD offered to send patrols to my home as a precaution, I specifically asked for no patrols at my home. Seven of the eight calls you cite were apparently generated by LAPD themselves, sending patrols without my request and often without my knowledge. The only time LAPD has come at my request was to pick up as evidence the syringes that one of the right-wing protesters left on our doorsteps.”

Although Melugin seemed to have caught Bonin in a trap, the Los Angeles councilor stated otherwise. Instead, he told the Fox News reporter that the only real crime that happened was when a conservative protestor left needles “on our doorsteps.”

Instead, Bonin called Melguin out for trying to generate false reports about him. He tweeted:

“This is a cute tactic to try to silence or intimidate a public official who is standing up to the police union,” he said. “It ain’t working.”

Although Bonin seemed to have his facts in order, Melguin attacked back, claiming that he had been talking to an informant within the LAPD who was willing to share information regarding the private citizen. He had a text message from an LAPD insider willing to spill the beans on Bonin.

“This was definitely a call for service by Bonin or a member of his staff,” the text read. “The call would have been placed by the resident or someone reporting something happening at that address.”