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The baby started to lose his hands. Mom takes a closer look and runs to the doctor

During their vacation, a newborn baby broke out in a skin rash, and the doctors aren’t sure how to cure it. Now, he’s facing limb amputation because the doctors don’t know what to do. Parents Sydney and Gemma were worried about their first child when they sensed something was wrong.

Their four-month-old son was discharged from the hospital after being diagnosed with a probable UTI (urinary tract infection). In the process of diagnosing the condition, the doctor noticed that he was suffering from a rash, which may result in the need to amputate his limbs due to the disease cutting off his circulation. Several blood clots produced by a rare condition in a newborn who was sent home from the hospital for a UTI could result in the loss of his arms if the disease cuts off his circulation. Read the full story here ▶