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Tennessee suspects tortured woman, killed her, stuffed body in the freezer, Oak Ridge Police allege

Two Tennesseans arrested for murder and other charges in the torture death of a woman at their residence.

Police officers at Oak Ridge called for a home on East Fairview Rd. 300 blocks around 7:30 p.m. Jennifer Gail Paxton’s corpse discovered on August 5th. Researcher Rebecca Dishman, 22, and her boyfriend Sean Finnegan, 52, have named as two murder suspects.

The Oak Ridger reports law-enforcement warrants to state the crimes occurred.

According to police records obtained by 10News, Dishman and Finnegan lured Paxton to the house under the premise of giving her an area to remain.

Oak Ridge Police said once at the residence, Paxton held against her will, chained to a bed, shackled with a dog collar, and her arms bound with zip-ties, the Oak Ridger reports.

“Once incapacitated, (Dishman and Finnegan) repeatedly raped the victim before finally employing a ligature to strangle the victim and cause her to die,” police stated on the warrant. Police have said that Paxton “tortured” with food and medical assistance being “deprived.”

The Oak Ridger reports police say after killing the lady, the 2 defendants stop some of a minimum of one among her breasts and her nose and broken her bones and ligaments to suit her body during a stand-up freezer.

Records show Finnegan also tried to take the body out of the freezer and hide it under a bed while he attempted to clean the freeze of evidence.

Authorities claimed Finnegan and Dishman surrendered their consent to the deepened abduction, assassination and fabrication of facts.

Dishman has to face charges of aggravated abduction, aggravated sexual batteries, first-grade killings and corpse abuse. Finnegan is guilty of attempted robbery, sexual murder, suicide and material poisoning. They held 1 million dollars each.