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“TAKE BACK THE SENATE!”: Republican Disgrace Lindsey Graham Told Capitol Hill Police To ‘Use’ Their Guns On Jan 6th

Earlier today via the Washington Post, Yahoo published a story about January 6th and Lindsey Graham’s “irate” demands of the Capitol Hill Police as events unfolded at the Capitol.

My guess is that Lindsey wanted to get back to the Senate Floor so he could continue his job of doing absolutely nothing.

Take a look at what Yahoo had to say:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Capitol police to use their guns and regain control of the Capitol on Jan. 6, a new report details.

“What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them,” Graham told Capitol police, according to an extensive report from the Washington Post, which described Graham as “irate” that senators were forced to leave their chambers during the storming of the Capitol.

“We give you guns for a reason,” he said. “Use them.” The Washington Post stated the quotes were based on an unnamed Republican senator with knowledge of the incident.

Graham’s office confirmed the quotes are “accurate” in a statement to Fox News on Monday.

“Graham was quite clear on this point, noting that the backpacks and other items brought into the Capitol could have contained bombs and explosives. The damage could have been much, much worse,” Graham’s communications director, Kevin Bishop, said.

Graham also called Ivanka Trump, former President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, multiple times and gave suggestions on what the then-president should say, according to the report.

“You need to get these people out of here,” he reportedly told her. “This thing is going south. This is not good. You’re going to have to tell these people to stand down. Stand down.”

Graham has also long slammed the storming of the Capitol, saying on Jan. 7 that “warning shots” and “lethal force should have been used once they’d penetrated the seat of government.”

“Yesterday they could have blown the building up. They could have killed us all,” he said at the time. “People coming through the windows had backpacks, as big as my desk on the Senate. They should have been challenged, warning shots should have been fired and lethal force should have been used once they’d penetrated the seat of government. Those backpacks could have had bombs chemical agents, weapons. We dodged a major bullet yesterday.”

“We’ve lost our will and our determination to stand up for law and order. When you let a courthouse be attacked and nobody gets prosecuted, the next thing you know, it gets worse. To all the mayors out there who have discord and unlawful behavior in your city, get on top of it,” he said.

Trump called out Graham, as well as Sen. Mike Lee, in September as “unwilling to fight for the presidency of the United States,” after reports that Graham was “unpersuaded” by Trump’s claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Graham, however, has continued supporting a potential 2024 presidential run by Trump.

“I don’t think Trump is listening,” Graham said at the Michigan Republican Party’s leadership conference at the end of September. “He might be. I hope President Trump runs again.”

As it turned out, one of those officers did use his gun and a young woman named Ashli Babbitt was killed for no good reason at all.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham has promised to do a lot of things. Yet he has constantly and predictably done nothing.

He still gazes into your eyes every night on Sean Hannity expecting you to still believe him.

He also failed to subpoena a single witness in the real insurrection–the illegal spying operation against a duly-elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Otherwise known as SPYGATE.

It was treason.


Lest we forget that Lindsey is a card carrying member of the Military Industrial Complex and was top cabana boy to the world’s worst pilot and former US Senator, John McCain:

Tucker Carlson also sparked controversy earlier this week when he revealed his new docuseries called “Patriot Purge”.

In fact, it looks SO over the target that the ADL hit the panic button and “urged” Fox News to straight up cancel the entire thing.

The Daily Beast covered this story:

Fox News star Tucker Carlson’s upcoming “documentary” series that suggests the Jan. 6 insurrection was a “false flag” operation drew escalating bipartisan criticism on Thursday evening. In a letter to Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt “strongly” urged Fox to “reconsider airing this program,” which is set to premiere next week on Fox Nation, Fox News’ online subscription streaming service.

Noting that Carlson’s three-part Patriot Purge series features a “laundry list of disinformation artists” who argue the Capitol riot was an “inside job with the intention of rounding up and imprisoning conservatives,” Greenblatt said the premise is an “indisputable lie” and “blatant attempt to rewrite history.”

“Where is the line for you and Fox?” Greenblatt wrote. “How many more people need to die or how many individuals must subscribe to groundless conspiracies before you say enough is enough? Inflammatory rhetoric of this sort is neither legitimate political discourse nor spirited debate. It is dangerous rhetoric that could catalyze violence, whether directed at the Jewish community or other minority groups.”

Greenblatt, who has already said “Tucker must go” over his embrace of the white supremacist “Great Replacement” theory, added that the network had “no obligation to validate [Carlson’s] views with airtime on your platform and, I would argue, a moral responsibility not to do so.” Murdoch, for what it’s worth, waved off Greenblatt’s previous demand that Fox fire Carlson.

Besides the ADL, Carlson has also been on the receiving end of backlash from Republican members of the Jan. 6 congressional committee and even his own colleague Geraldo Rivera.

Yahoo also covered the release and couldn’t help but get a Pizzagate jab in!

Furthermore, Patriot Purge sympathetically features Darren Beattie, a former Trump White House speechwriter who was fired after attending a white nationalist conference, and Ali Alexander, a “Stop the Steal” organizer who has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 congressional committee over his role in the insurrection. The Tucker Carlson Originals series was also co-written by Scooter Downey, a filmmaker who’s previously worked for Pizzagate conspiracists, anti-immigrant activists, and alt-right media figures.

Quite possibly the most hilarious aspect of this Yahoo story was Tucker’s response to the Washington Post kicking into overdrive to respond to the docuseries’ release:

“Yesterday, The Washington Post put 75 reporters—75 reporters—on a rebuttal piece to our documentary, which they hadn’t seen,” he credulously stated. “Which means that somewhere orbiting above Earth, Jeff Bezos, their boss, called in and said control the narrative. So it really tells you everything they are hysterical in the face of facts being added to this storyline. Why is it so important for them to control how we understand what happened that day?”

You have to ask yourself…

If Democrats and their media pals think we are so dumb and that our policies and arguments are so ridiculous that no one in their right mind would ever think like us…

Then WHY do they expend SO MUCH ammunition on trying to stop the massive public awakening that is happening?

Because millions all around the world are waking up. Those who didn’t notice before are starting to understand.

The media’s biggest fear is that you are now awake and impervious to their SCAM.

If they can’t deceive you, they can’t control you.