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Student who led Oxford vote to ‘cancel’ the Queen as symbol of ‘colonial history’ turns out to be AMERICAN

The son of a wealthy Washington, DC lawyer and schoolmate of President Barack Obama’s daughters led the vote by a group of Oxford University students to remove the portrait of Elizabeth II to make their common room a ‘safe space.’

Matthew Katzman, 25, graduated from Stanford University and is now a doctoral student in “complexity theory,” British newspapers reported on Wednesday.

As president of the Magdalen College’s Middle Common Room, Katzman had tabled the motion to remove the portrait of the queen from the area, arguing that it is “meant to be a space for all to feel welcome” while the monarch “represents recent colonial history.”

Obama’s elder daughter Malia was a student at Sidwell around the same time as Katzman. Her younger sister Sasha is also an alum, as are Chelsea Clinton, Nancy Reagan, and the children of Richard Nixon and Theodore Roosevelt. Grandchildren of current US President Joe Biden attended the school as well.