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Student Doctor Reveals 7 Things To Never Say To Someone Struggling With Mental Health Issues

The student doctor reveals the seven things you should never say to someone struggling with anxiety or depression.

  • Zachery Dereniowski explains that there are 7 common phrases that should not be used.
  • Most of the phrases are clichés such as “Keep calm and carry on”.
  • The student doctor and motivational speaker revealed this in a TikTok video.

Zachery Dereniowski is a Canadian motivational speaker and student doctor.

The 27-year-old is currently studying at the University of Sydney and specializing in the field of mental health. Through his TikTok videos, he aims to spread awareness about mental health. In a recent video, he explained that people suffering from mental illnesses do not feel better when they are told the following things:

  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. Keep calm and carry on.
  3. Get over it.
  4. Time heals all wounds.
  5. It is, what it is.
  6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  7. It could be worse.

    Through my own story of adversity, I have developed a formula that I now use to motivate others via social media, ‘Vulnerability = Relatability = Empowerment’. My mission is to advocate for mental health and empower others to take control of their lives. […] I do my best to use my social media platform to raise awareness, destigmatize (not sensationalize) mental health, give people a voice to be heard in hopes that they seek the support they deserve.

    He notes that these 7 phrases are superficial motivation phrases.

    While he admits that he is not an expert, he regards himself as a motivational speaker. He explained that according to him, 2020 has shown just how “superficial” his own understanding of “motivation” used to be. As a result, he felt encouraged to learn more about how one can handle mental health and its complexities.Through the stories of those who live with mental illnesses as well as the advice of qualified professionals, Zachery worked to gain a deeper understanding of mental health. Now, he is sharing what he has learned and educating others on TikTok.