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Stranger Writes Note On Dad’s Bill About His Twins Not Knowing One Of His Triplets Died

Acts of selfless kindness are often few and far in between, but it is always one that is highly appreciated by the recipient.
Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of one such kindness, and it has left an indelible mark on you in your time of great need.

And if you decide to pass on that kindness, then the world becomes a slightly better place, thanks to your contribution.

There is no doubt about it – it always pays to be kind. Karma will always come around swinging, after all!

And who knows – maybe you will make someone’s day like this unknown family did for the Cortezes on that fateful Father’s Day in 2016.

By all accounts, the Cortezes look like a happy, normal family – a pair of young parents learning how to handle their children, and a pair of baby girls growing up surrounded by love.
What could be more typical than that?

Their history as a family, however, is a little more atypical.

Dan and Moxi Cortez are a couple from Cabot, Arkansas, who happen to be in the military – the National Guard, to be exact.

About a year ago, the two decided to finally start their own family.

An exciting prospect for just about any would-be parent, but a journey that would quickly prove to be a hard one for these two.

How hard, exactly? Well, try as they might, this young couple simply could not conceive. In the end, they decided to try for IVF.

Those of us who have been in a similar situation will know how IVF isn’t a guarantee either – luck, however, finally decided to shine down upon these two.

After just one round, they were finally confirmed to be pregnant!

And it wasn’t just an ordinary pregnancy either – the couple had been blessed with triplets!

The pregnancy itself went well, and the trio was safely delivered on May 27, 2015, before heading home three weeks later.
It was about then their luck ran out, however – Landon started behaving strangely just after two weeks of living at home.

Moxi and Dan hoped it was just something their month-old baby could shake off, but their hopes were quickly dashed.

A hurried trip to the hospital diagnosed their precious child with koseri bacterial meningitis, an illness that would prove to be the baby’s death.

Just 7 weeks after their triplets were born, Landon passed away.

It was hard on the parents, but eventually, they managed to move on.
A year later, the four of them ended up at the Red Lobster for lunch – their first Father’s Day without Landon, and one where memories of the baby were heaviest.

The outing proved to be a spectacular success, and Dan was none the wiser when he called for the bill – only to find it had already been paid for!

The receipt carried a note, reminding them to enjoy their babies while they are still little.

This turned out to be the kindness and support this couple needed in these trying times, and they were incredibly touched by the gesture.

Hopefully, this act of kindness will help keep them going, and give them the strength they need!