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Strange Man Sneaks Up And Grabs Little Girl At Gas Station, How She Got Away Has Cops Baffled

When found pre-teens were leaving a Michigan gas station, they had no clue the danger that was lurking only a few feet away from them. What occurred next, had these girls in a fight for their lives, as a strange man creeps up and says one shocking sentence that forced them to act fast.

The girls first noticed the man trailing them as they left the Millington, Michigan convenience store, but once they crossed the street they suddenly became aware that they were being followed.

Before they could even act, the strange man grabbed the youngest of the group and said: “You’re coming with me.” Little did he realize at the time, but he was no match for the quick-thinking young girls. Without hesitation, they immediately made their move.

As the 22-year-old assailant, later identified as Bruce Hipkins, wrapped his arm around the 11-year-old’s face, he never could have anticipated what she and her friends would do next.

Hipkins was suddenly overpowered by the pint-sized group of girls, severely underestimating their quick thinking and resourcefulness.

But when local authorities found him minutes later, cops were stunned by what they discovered. See the incredible turn of events for yourself in the video below – what a brave group of girls!