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‘Sliding’ Is A New Crime Taking Place At Gas Stations. Here’s What Police Say You Should Know

By now, most people have heard about skimming devices. They are slid into place at pay-at-the-pump gas stations by criminals who aim to steal your credit or debit card’s details. There are similar devices that people can use when they are just walking past you.

They capture your credit card details and use your account to make fraudulent charges on it. There is no end to the possible scams that people can come up with, and a new one that is happening all over the country is called “sliding.” Like other scams, just about anyone can fall victim to sliding.

When you pump your gas, you usually leave your doors unlocked. Many women leave their purse on the passenger seat. They might just take out the card they are using to pay at the pump.

While you pump gas, you are probably watching the numbers go by. Maybe you are looking around you. Sliding happens when somebody opens your driver’s side door and slides to the passenger side.

They grab your purse or wallet and exit your car. They can do this within seconds, and you do not even realize that they have been in your car. The thieves could also snatch your cellphone or anything else that is out in the open. Many gas stations are located near busy highways, so the thieves are gone within seconds.

What the Police Say You Should Dо

The police recommend that you lock your always doors when you exit your car at the gas station. Even if you are standing right next to your car pumping gas, you should still lock your car.

Leave your valuables at home. Avoid putting your Social Security card, birth certificate or other items in your purse or wallet if you do not need them for that outing on that day.

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