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Six bad things that might happen to your body in Dry January (and five good ones)

As a New Year gets under way, many people across Lincolnshire and beyond are vowing to give up the booze.

For a whole month, people are ditching alcohol after a heavy festive period of drinking.

But just what does the detox of Dry January do to your body?

Dr Preethi Daniel from the London Doctors Clinic says it can have different effects on people, both bad and good.

There are six clear ones you might see.

At the start, many who drink regularly may suffer difficulties with their sleep, she told The Daily Telegraph.

Dehydration has also been earmarked as a possible issue.

Dr Daniel says that this could be a sign someone is suffering from alcohol dependency.

In extreme cases, someone may find themselves feeling restless, anxious, sweaty and nauseous.

It might take a few days while your body adjusts

But giving up alcohol has to be good, right?

If you can ride the wave then Dr Daniel says you should expect to see plenty of positive results in the long-term.

Here’s five of them.

One of these will be in your sleeping pattern. Those who don’t drink will find their sleep to be much more peaceful and they might also wake up feeling more energetic as well.

Your appearance will also benefit as your skin will be much better and your eyes will be brighter.

Dr Daniel has provided this checklist, reports Telegraph.

  • Make sure that you’re drinking lots of fluids to keep your body hydrated.
  • Drink a glass of water before bed to ensure that you feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Eat nutritious meals regularly.
  • Drink lemony drinks.