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Single Mom of 3 Shelters Homeless Man, was shocked to see her house surrounded by several cars later

A single mom of three who shelters a homeless man is shocked to see her house surrounded by several cars later. When Samantha sees a storm coming, she decides to help the homeless man who had saved her life. Little did she know that it was the beginning of a whole new chapter in her life.

Samantha is a daydreamer, like those of us who like to dream at the window seat in a creaky old bus or spin tales of our imaginary lives for our alternate selves set to the song playing on our earphones in the crowded subway. For a few minutes every day, Samantha’s harsh reality of being a struggling single mom of three who could barely hold a job could wait.

Her worries about how she would pay her bills or become a fashion designer could wait as long as she was walking home from work via the long route. She would let the dreams, ideas, and thoughts simmer until her feet were right in front of her house. But then there were days when reality was too frustrating to brush past. Today was just one of those days. Another fine for being 10 minutes late to work.

The manager wouldn’t even hear her out before writing her up. What does he know about raising three snotty children below the age of 12 all by himself? He and the misses are still in their honeymoon phase. I wish I was in my honeymoon phase. There she was, about to cross the road, daydreaming about finding the man of her dreams again.

He could be tall, assured, introverted, extroverted, but he has to be someone who can provide for the kids. “I think for once, I’d like to live an easy…” Samantha’s thoughts were interrupted by the blinding headlights of a speeding car and a firm push from someone behind her.

It all happened so quickly. Samantha had been pushed onto the road, and the person who pushed her fell right next to her. One moment, she decided she wouldn’t spare the man, but the very next moment, clarity came back to her. The man had actually saved her from an accident with an oncoming car. Samantha struggled to get up and ultimately had to take the hand the stranger had offered her.

That’s when she saw him for the first time, a man in tattered clothes in different shades of dirt and grime across his body. But anybody who cared to look for longer than a few seconds would see that his manners weren’t half bad, and an almost childlike smile was hidden under the thick layer of ruggedness. “Thank you for saving my life,” Samantha said. “Well, I don’t usually like people, but when push comes to shove..

” The man could barely wait to smile at his own remark. “So you’re one of the funny ones, huh?” Samantha said, genuinely surprised by the man’s pleasant demeanor. “You have to be funny if you’re homeless and especially if you woke up and lost all memory of who you are one fine day.” Samantha thought the man was joking, but along the rest of the walk home, the man explained that he indeed had mysteriously lost all memory of who he was or where he was from.

“All I remember is that I met with an accident at some point. I think all my documents were stolen, and this car in my head tells me the accident may have been the reason I lost my memory.” Samantha and the man reached a crossing just five minutes away from her home. “Well, this is me,” the man said, pointing to a bench on the sidewalk corner. Samantha noticed a cardboard sign with the words “Help me, I’m homeless” written on it and an old rolled-up blanket placed on it to keep the board from flying away.

Just then, the skies turned overcast, and there was a sudden gush of wind that smelled like the onset of a storm. As she saw the cardboard sign fly away aimlessly into the air, Samantha looked to the man, sighing in disappointment. “And there goes my son again. Mommy should really get home. Looks like a storm’s come.

Samantha opened her umbrella but couldn’t just leave the kind homeless man to suffer in the upcoming heavy rains. She turned to leave but immediately turned back and spoke her heart. “Hey, this doesn’t look like a safe place for you to be in a storm situation. I live about five minutes from here, and I’m sure I can clear up a part of the old garage for you to spend the night. This road’s gonna get flooded up soon.

The man was caught off guard by this unusually thoughtful stranger. He waited to see if the woman really meant it. “I mean it. It isn’t safe here, and offering you shelter for a night is the best I can do after you saved my life today. Don’t worry, my kids won’t bite.

Just as Samantha promised, she made room for an inflatable bed and blanket in the garage. She offered him a seat at the dining table with her children. The children couldn’t stop shooting questions at the strange guest. “What’s your name? Why are your clothes so dirty?

Samantha shushed the kids and encouraged the man to feel at home. The following morning, Samantha announced her plan for the day over breakfast. “My school friend Barry works at the precinct, and I’ve asked him to drop in and meet you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discover more about your identity and whoever stole your documents. He’s a dedicated officer.

I’m sure he’ll be of great help. And then, in the evening, we have an appointment at the general hospital for a checkup. I’ve heard they’re really good doctors there, so they’ll help you figure out the root cause of your memory issues.” Samantha was excited about her own plan but noticed that her guest had stopped listening or eating. “What is it?

she said. “Oh, cops. I’m scared of cops. What if they think I’m some potential criminal or find another reason to arrest me?” Samantha saw the man’s hands shiver slightly and tried to calm him with her words.

“Don’t worry. Just tell Barry everything you know. It’ll be fine. Trust me. Do you trust me?

“I do,” the man said, knowing that Samantha was the only person who cared enough to help him. “Oh no, I’m gonna be late again.” And with all that excitement and the chaos of sending the children to the neighboring daycare, Samantha had completely forgotten about the time. “I hope the boss is in a forgiving mood today,” she crossed her fingers as she dashed out of the house. It turns out the boss was in his worst mood yet, watching Samantha walk into the hotel 10 minutes late for the third time in two weeks.

He summoned her straight to his office and fired her. The walk back home, the one Samantha typically enjoyed the most, was the most stressful walk she could ever remember. Clueless about how she’d find another job or pay the bills for the month, she wished she would never arrive home. But Samantha could already see the tiny image of her house at the end of the street. “What’s that?

So many cars waiting outside. Has something happened?” Samantha entered her house to find a group of men and women in suits talking to the homeless man. When she walked closer, she recognized one of the most unexpected faces in the group, her boss from the hotel. “Samantha, I’m so sorry for jumping the gun and firing you this morning.

I had no idea you’d done something so amazing. I mean, everyone’s starting to doubt if Mr. Stark would ever be found again.” Mr. Stark is the owner of Stark hotels.

Samantha couldn’t believe what she was suggesting would be true, but it was. “Yes, this is Mr. Stark, the owner of the entire chain of hotels. He was reported missing from his home on the other side of the city five weeks ago.” Samantha looked at the man in question, and his tearful smile said he’d finally started to remember who he was.

Needless to say, she still had her job, and her boss offered her a raise. “Mr. Stark called out to her as she turned. Mr. Stark paused for a second, attempting to find the words to thank her.

Giving up, he opened his arms to embrace her, and she let him have his first cry in weeks. That emotional embrace became the point of many new beginnings. Samantha got a well-deserved promotion, and Mr. Stark kept coming back to visit her and the kids until they became indistinguishable from a family of five. A year and a half later, Mr.

Stark was waiting in the same garage where Samantha had sheltered him, down on one knee, ready to open his heart to the woman who changed his life.”