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She got pregnant from a monster at the age of 18, 32 years later she gave birth & everyone was shocked

She got pregnant from a monster at the age of 18. Thirty-two years later, she gave birth, and everyone was shocked. People labeled her son a monster when he was born, but now she displays him for the first time. Doctors informed her that a Down syndrome baby would ruin their lives, but Aerofei has only brought love and happiness to his parents. A mother’s relationship with her child begins the moment she learns she’s expecting.

Further, as soon as implantation occurs, her entire body begins to transform to welcome this little person who will grow in her for the following nine months and feed him after his delivery. It’s also this privileged bond that is formed between women and their babies that prevents some of them from resigning themselves to the termination of pregnancy when doctors warn them of significant risks of congenital malformations, as this mother’s story shows, who was told she was going to give birth to a monster. Read the full story here ▶