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She Dialed 911 And Pretended To Order Pizza To Alert Them Of Domestic Abuse

Sometimes a presence of mind and quick action saves a person from an upcoming life threatening problem. Read a story about a woman who used her presence of mind to save herself from domestic abuse.


It all started when Keith received an emergency call on 911 by a woman who wanted to place an order for a pizza. Keith tried correcting her that she had dialed emergency 911 but the lady continued placing her order. That’s when Keith realized that this was something more than a prank call.


The lady continued placing her order about her toppings. Keith sensing danger, asked the woman if she was in some trouble to which she replied a yes. She even enquired how long would it take to reach there and told him her address. Keith promised that one of his officers was just a mile away and they would just soon send help.


After the lady cut the call, wise Keith enquired about the number and found out that the address had multiple previous domestic violence calls. He had completely understood the whole case and quickly send help.


Keith’s quick realization and the danger sensing ability just helped the woman a lot as quick help was sent. He said that the officer found out that the woman, who was in her 30’s was beaten up and her boyfriend was all drunk. The drunkard was arrested by the police as soon as possible.


This story went viral after Reddit had asked the 911 operators to write about calls they would never forget. Keith had then added the whole conversation which was around 10 years old. Keith says he doesn’t know what actually happened to the woman after that. He even added that he hated this part of his job as he couldn’t have an access to the victims. But according to him, this was the most memorable call ever which happened around 10 years ago.
Hats of the bravery of the lady and quick realization of the emergency.