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Polish Rapunzel let her hair grow past her shoulder length since she was a toddler… Now, she is 34…

Malgorzata Kulczyk, 34, a native of Poland, is presently enrolled in the faculty of programming at the University of London. Malgorzata is proud of her incredible flock of hair, which she has been growing since she was a young girl, in addition to her exceptional intelligence.

Beauty’s hair has never been cut. Only the ends had been cut, and that was nearly five years ago. She currently has 158 cm of hair, which is 3 cm longer than her own height. She must have some admirers who are envious of her gorgeous hair. Malgorzata’s coworker once advised her to cut her hair short, but nowadays she is also growing them out. They entice men with their charm. Read the full story here ▶