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Police Catch Boy of 7 Who Stole Dad’s Credit Card, ‘My Dying Mom Needs Meds,’ Kid Cries

After his mother’s diagnosis, a boy stole his father’s credit card to buy her medicine, but the pharmacist called the police and the boy desperately told the cops his mother was dying. Still they escorted him to their cop car, but something unexpected happened.

Please! Please!, Lewis begged desperately shoving the credit card onto the pharmacist’s hands. My mom needs it. However, the older man with the white coat was stunned and had no idea what to do at some point. He walked away from the counter and dialled a number while ignoring Lewis, please for help.

Finally, the pharmacist returned and raised his hands gesturing for the 7-year-old to calm down, kid help is on the way, calm down, the older man said and Lewis started bawling in the middle of the pharmacy, attracting the attention of others. Am I in trouble? Read the full story here ▶