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Police Are Looking For The Thug Who Slashed The Throat Of A Two-Year-Old

While a two-year-old was being pushed around in a stroller on the island of Manhattan, a deranged stranger approached, drew a knife, and then slashed the toddler’s throat before fleeing the scene like a wraith. The baby boy was being pushed around the city by his babysitter in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of the city. The stranger with the sharp object, who has yet to be identified by the police, approached the carriage and slashed the boy’s throat for no apparent reason.

The incident occurred at 9:30 in the morning not far from the intersection of West 110th Street and Morningside Drive, which is at the heart of the gentrified neighborhood of Morningside Heights on the west side of Manhattan.

Although authorities don’t quite know what the unnamed man used to slash the toddler’s throat, they know that it was a sharp object capable of doing the horrible deed. Although the man used the blade to hurt the toddler, the babysitter was sparred in the incident.

The baby was rushed to the hospital following the unprovoked attack and then given stitches over the wound. The baby does not seem to be in critical condition any longer, which is exceptionally lucky given that the man used the sharp object to injure the baby.

Surveillance footage from around the area was captured and showed the man pretty clearly. He is shown wearing a white T-shirt and dark shorts as well as blue sneakers.

Following the attack, footage captured the man fleeing the scene of the crime. He covered his face, which indicates that he probably knew where the cameras were. Did he plan the whole attempted murder of the baby, or could it have been just a senseless attack for no good reason?

The father of the baby has wished to remain anonymous. Could the attack have somehow been related to him and his business connections? Nevertheless, he did talk about how upset his wife was and that his injured son is traumatized.

“My wife was horrified,” the father of the victim said. “My son is very nervous, also under stress.”

Although the New York Police Department has been unable to catch this crook following the attack on the little baby boy, many people are citing this as an example of why police departments across the country are still needed.

Many people are horrified that a man would be walking around a “nice” section of Manhattan with the intention of hurting a child on his mind. One reader of the Daily Mail from the United States contributed a comment about how this could have been a gang initiation. There are few other ways for people to explain such a senseless and unprovoked attack on a child during his meandering around the lovely Manhattan park.

Fortunately, the victim in the attack – the little boy – was not mortally wounded. He is expected to recover and will be able to enjoy a normal life. Hopefully, the police do catch this man with the blade who felt it necessary to slice it across the face of a toddler in a stroller.