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Petition Demands Netflix Take Down “Offensive” Religious Cartoon

Netflix might have taken satire too far with their new animated sitcom entitled Paradise P.D. In the cartoon, Jesus Christ stars as a fornicating, gun-toting hero who battles the evil Roman empire that wanted to nail him to the cross. In an episode, Jesus is depicted nailed to the cross before muttering “Messia-yanora, b****es” when the nails in his palms transform into machine guns that he uses to break free from the crucifix and murder his Roman persecutors.

In that same episode, Netflix’s Jesus decided to celebrate defeating the Romans by engaging in a threesome sex party with two women. The clip was used as a way to illustrate how Jesus might have lived if he had been given guns back when he was being crucified by the Romans.

Critics were not happy with Netflix for promoting a sacrilegious depiction of the Christian savior Jesus Christ. One person commented on YouTube that they even went so far as to put their money where their mouth was and cancel their subscription with Netflix in part because of how Paradise P.D. depicted the savior.

“I canceled my Netflix subscription because of ‘CUTIES’ and this horrible episode of ‘Paradise PD.’ I HATE ‘PARADISE PD’ and all of those other horrible-looking Netflix cartoons, including ‘Big Mouth.’ Thank goodness, I watch good cartoons like ‘South Park,’ ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Futurama,’ ‘Rick and Morty,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Solar Opposites,’ and ‘Archer.’

Another person wrote, “I wish they had edited this scene out. I can understand the anger people have against it.”

A devout Christian shared her outrage about the clip of Jesus Christ in Paradise P.D.

“This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!! That is MY Lord whom you are mocking by “liking” this obscenity! How dare you post this crap about your God!!!!!!!!! Like it or not, those who “like” this and posted this were created by Jesus, who is God, and all will have to answer for this insult to Him! Please take this filth down. You just broke my heart.”

“Mocking the person of Christ Who stands as the central figure of humanity is the lowest form of intelligence and morality.”

However, the Catholic group America Needs Fatima has taken action by starting a petition to get Netflix to take the offensive episode off their streaming platform.

“In a sickening episode on Netflix, Paradise P.D., Our Lord Jesus Christ is blasphemed in a most horrendous and impure way,” the petition explains. “THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT. For any reasonable person, it is, at a minimum, tempting God.”

The petition also states, “In the ‘anti-NRA’ episode, ‘featuring a cartoon character Jesus shilling for the NRA,’ the NRA is depicted as showing a video on how guns make the world better. It depicts a cartoon version of Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross, with Roman soldiers around Him. The depicted caricature of Jesus then shouts out a blasphemous expletive when the nails on the Cross turn into Uzi machine guns. The cartoon ‘Jesus’ then breaks off the two arms of the Cross, jumps down, and proceeds to madly shoot the Roman soldiers while He gets covered with their blood.”

Do you think Netflix should take this episode down?

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