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Panicked Woman Pulls Up To Burger King Drive-Thru, What She Orders Sends Cashier Running

On Wednesday afternoon, Rebecca Boening was on the road when she had an unexpected emergency. She pulled up to a Burger King drive-thru at the next exit, but as soon as the cashier heard her begin to order, the fast food worker was sent running to the restaurant’s parking lot.

A diabetic woman took to Facebook to share the story of what a Burger King employee did for her when she had low blood sugar and needed food.

Rebecca Boening said she was driving when she felt her blood sugar level drop, so she decided to take the next exit and go to a Burger King.

“As I stumbled through placing my order I mentioned to the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and in need of food,” she wrote in the post. “Low blood sugar makes it difficult to think or act. I pulled up to the first window in order to pay for my food.”

She continued: “I was shocked to see Burger King employee Tina Hardy running toward the front of my car. She squeezed between the front of my car and the building just to bring me a small serving of ice cream. Tina later explained that her husband was also diabetic and she could tell that I needed help. After paying I pulled up to Tina’s window where she gave me my food. She instructed me to park across the driveway so that she could keep an eye on me until I felt better.”

“After eating I waited for a break in business so that I could return to Tina’s window,” wrote Rebecca. “I then took this picture and spoke with Tina’s supervisor, telling him what she did for me. If you appreciate what this special woman did please share this story. Hopefully Tina Hardy will receive the recognition that she truly deserves from the public and from the big bosses at Burger King,” Rebecca concluded, adding a picture of her new friend Tina.

Rebecca’s story was also shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, where it received thousands of shares in just one hour. Facebook users also commented to tell Tina what a fantastic job she had done.

“As the daughter of a diabetic mom, I love that Tina immediately brought ice cream for Rebecca,” wrote Debi Moseley Matlack. “I live with my mom now to keep an eye on her and low blood sugar can be scary and dangerous. Tina, thank you so much for taking care of Rebecca,” she added.

“What an uplifting story!” wrote a commenter on American Patriot Nation’s Facebook page. “I hope burger king has an employee recognition program this employee deserves kudos, for looking out for customers and helping in an emergency situation. hope the customer is okay.”

“Tina you are a wise and thoughtful woman,” another added. “God has blessed you with a special kind heart there are needs for more people like you. Thank you. At the right place at the right time.”

Rebecca’s story provides the perfect reminder that it is so important for us all to look out for one another. We all need just a little bit of help from time to time, and all it takes is the kindness of one stranger to change someone’s day, or perhaps, their whole life. Please share this heartwarming story to remind others to be kind and thoughtful towards others.