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One State Will Pay You Up To $7500 To Move There – Here is what you need to know!

One state in the U.S. is enticing people to move there to shore up its lack of workers by offering an incentive of up to $7,500 for anyone that takes up residency and gets a job there.

Vermont, under its New Relocating Worker Grant, will give out-of-staters who move to the state for the first time and get a job from its list of 50 occupations in high demand reimbursement funding.

“We are getting all kinds of reports from different employers — they don’t have enough people coming and showing up for interviews,” Joan Goldstein, Vermont’s commissioner of economic development, told CBS MoneyWatch.

In-demand jobs include cashiers, retail workers, carpenters, construction workers, accountants, teachers, fitness trainers, janitors, bartenders, and nurses.

An employer will need to sign off that they were unable to fill the job with a Vermont job applicant, and the pay for the position must be at or above Vermont’s “livable wage rate” of $13.99 per hour. Independent contractors are not eligible for the program.

The New Relocating Worker Grant will pay people that relocate to the state reimbursement for relocation expenses such as closing costs on a home or lease deposit for an apartment and moving company and shipping costs.

The state said on its website that grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis and with only a limited number available.

Since announcing the grant on Aug. 19, Vermont officials said traffic to the website has increased tenfold, according to CBS News.

This is not the first time that Vermont has offered such a grant program. In 2018, the state offered up to $10,000 in reimbursements to move to the state in a similar program.

Vermont has had nearly 300 new residents take it up on its incentive offer and move to the state under the grant program, CBS News reported. Vermont will offer another round of funding in February 2022.