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Once He Realized She Was A Victim Of Bullying, He Came To Her House For One Reason She’ll Remember Forever

Even though bullying has been around for a very long time, it is more serious today than it ever has been before. People think they can bully other people because it seems to be a ‘popular’ thing this day and age, especially with it being showcased in movies and TV shows that kids watch. And when bullies get older, that immaturity that helped them become a bully initially never leaves. They just continue to show their bully tactics as they become CEOs of corporations, managers, and politicians.

However, for one girl living in El Paso, Texas her mind was not fixated on these grand thoughts concerning bullying and how it has impacted our country. She just wanted to enjoy her day, which was a struggle because a bully was making her days at school horrible. Seeing as though this young girl just moved to Texas, she was being attacked by her classmates. Due to this, it was hard for her to connect with her peers and gain relationships. The bullies wanted to make a point to everyone that if they made her their friend, they would become victim to their bullying as well.

Only one boy in her class had the courage to stand up to the bullies. And they became best friends.
As a group of horrible girls bullied the tiny blonde at school, she was desperate for some help. She later called her best friend and told him about how the girls in her class were horrible to her. Instead of just making her feel better on the phone, the boy told his mother that he wanted her to drop everything and drive over to the girl’s house for a special surprise.

Because her best friend, the little boy, had a generous heart, he had a big surprise planned that was going to turn the little girl’s day around. She had no clue it was coming and could never have guessed what it was. But when she heard a knock at the door and looked outside to see her best friend standing there about to do something incredible, something that would change the way she felt about her bullies at school.

With the help of his mother, Ruby Jimenez, the little boy blasted the song “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. And then he begins to sing to his blonde little friend. And she cannot believe that he is doing this for her. Because this video will melt your heart, you can only imagine how great this moment made the little blonde girl feel. Her heart was bursting from the love that this boy gave her. And he was not shy about making sure she understood that he would be by her side no matter how many bullies tried to tear her down.

Because this little girl has a friend like Ruby Jimenez’s son in her life, she can face any challenges that might arise. While the love and support of her parents go a long way, she needs to know that she is not the only one of her peers who is getting bullied. And because of this boy’s courage, she knows she is not alone, and that means the world to her.