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Older Man Refuses Vital Chemo, Sponsors Surgery for Boy He Met a Day Ago Instead

A 65 year old man receives bad news from his doctor, but instead of choosing to save his own life, he decides that for once he’s going to be selfless Simon scowled at the fire flickering in the fireplace he crumpled the letter in his hands and threw it To the Flames, 45 years ago today, his wife and son had walked out on him. That letter with its accusations of how selfish he was was all he’d had left of them. Now there was nothing to remind him of those turncoats serves them right, Simon muttered. I should have burned that letter years ago.

He’D clung to the letter with the hope that his family would return one day that hope had grown dimmer over the years, and now it was gone entirely if his wife and son hadn’t returned when he developed cancer in his late 40s or when it returned in His 50s, they certainly wouldn’t come crawling back now. Read the full story here ▶