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Old Lady Can’t Afford Groceries for Modest Dinner, Finds Bags Full of Food upon Returning Home

An old lady who can’t afford groceries for a modest dinner finds bags full of food. Upon returning home, Mrs. Gibbs was going through the most challenging week of her life when a kind acquaintance noticed her.

An Easter worries the old woman with unkempt hair in a tattered shawl started to gather the store manager’s attention. On any given day, he would have missed her taking the third round around the store, picking things off the shelf, examining them, and putting them back.

But it was the slowest day of the week, and that afternoon, Mrs. Gibbs was a face that the store manager kept seeing right from when his shift began until lunchtime. In reality, Mrs. Gibbs was having another one of those days when she couldn’t find anything she could afford for that night’s dinner. Read the full story here ▶