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Officials Say No Charges Will Be Filed After Texas Woman Is Eaten Alive

A young Texas woman was eaten alive while trying to do her job. But, shockingly, no charges will be filed.

Erin McCleskey, a 36-years-old Austin woman and a Certified Process Server for the State of Texas, went to the city of Manor to serve court papers. Sadly, she wouldn’t leave the Travis County home alive. Having been to the residence twice before, according to KVUE, Erin opened the front gate and entered the property of Donald and Terry Swanson. Terry says this is where Erin made a critical error that cost the young woman her life.

The Swansons had been out of town for a month when they claim Erin trespassed on their property to serve civil papers. With no one home, Erin was violently attacked by six of the Swansons’ dogs. An autopsy determined the dogs severed a major artery in Erin’s arm. She lived 10-15 excruciating minutes before she bled out. The medical examiner later determined all six dogs participated in the attack.  Read the full story here ▶