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Navy Confused By Large Object In Water But Moment They Recognize It They All Jump Overboard

There is nothing more spectacular and intriguing than life at sea. The ocean has always been a mystery, and every day on an extended journey at sea feels like an old-world adventure.

The ocean has seemed like its own force, almost like a majestic creature that has come to life, for centuries of storytelling.

While many of us can only dream of an extended trip on the ocean waters, some people actually get to live an adventurous life at sea.

There are many things that are very unpredictable when you are out on the open ocean. For example, the weather can change in an instant and you never know exactly what you may see in the incredibly deep waters below your ship.

Whether it’s a group of friendly dolphins popping up to say hello, or a swarm of jellyfish basking in a pocket of warm water, life at sea is truly unpredictable. This was true for Sri Lanka’s naval team. The team is out on the ocean most days, either patrolling certain areas or performing specific missions. The naval team in Sri Lanka certainly had thought they have seen it all. However, one day they saw something that they never expected to see.

At first glance, the crew members thought they had spotted some type of unidentified mass in the sea during a routine patrol. They saw a large grayish mass floating and assumed it might be garbage or some other routine mass that they would take a quick look at.

However, as the naval team’s boat got closer to the mass, they realized that it was something they had never seen before. They saw immediately that they were about to be an incredibly unique mission.

They were about 10 miles off the coast and their boat was navigating deep waters that were frigid cold. They realized quickly that what they thought was a mass was actually a large elephant. The elephant had waded out into the waters after trying to cross a lagoon and was carried out to see by a strong current.

The elephant was highly fatigued and was struggling in the deep waters to fight for its life. The naval team immediately knew that the elephant was in danger and needed their help to rescue it and return it safely to dry ground.

Many people are unaware that elephants have very buoyant bodies and trunks that function as a type of snorkel, making them quite good swimmers for their massive size and weight.

Sri Lanka’s naval team, along with additional teams that joined the group, formed a rescue plan. The elephant was soon harnessed and taken back to dry land for a safe return to its natural environment.