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A well-known NASA signal analyst and expert cryptographer says that a thorough analysis of electromagnetic radiations of extraterrestrial origins intercepted by observatories in September and November 2019, suggest they were warnings from intelligent aliens about the imminent COVID pandemic.

The director of data analysis and decryption of the Berkeley SETI Research Center, 46-year old Professor Nancy McMurray, claims her team has identified a series of repetitive signals among their collected data that appear to be a kind of extraterrestrial warning signal.

Each signal is composed of the exact same variation of 23 radio frequencies, emitted in the same order, and each lasting the exact same duration for a total of 4.48 seconds in all.

According to Professor McMurray, a total of 17 of these identical signals were intercepted over a period going from September 4 to November 29, 2019.

“Electromagnetic waves are generally quite random and rarely repetitive. Over a dozen identical signals lasting more than 4 seconds each can’t be attributed to a natural phenomenon.”

The decryption specialist and her team analyzed the signals and determined they were probably a kind of warning message based on an alien mathematical language similar to the Morse Code.

“We can’t really say what the message says, but we were able to determine that it’s probably either a distress signal or a warning of some sort. Based on the timing of the signals, it could be about the imminent COVID-19 pandemic.” 

According to the Berkeley researchers, each of the 17 signals were intercepted by at least three and sometimes up to eight different radio telescopes, eliminating the possibility of them being natural electromagnetic interferences.

Professor McMurray’s claims have generated a lot of reactions throughout the scientific community.

While several scientists have saluted the “discovery” of the signals their possible implications for humanity, several academics have also criticized his translation as “hazardous at best”.

Several universities and space agencies have made official demands to obtain copies of the signals, but the Berkeley SETI Research Center has yet to share any of its research data.