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Mother’s GIANT Belly Was Covered In Bruises, Her Ultrasound Revealed The Incredible Truth!

Undergoing pregnancy is a life-changing experience for many women. Although pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful and meaningful experiences in life, it can also be very dangerous and painful for the mother. Thus, much attention and care should be given to the health of the mother as well as the fetus.

I remember the first time my sister got pregnant. After a few weeks in, she found out she was carrying twins–and her life has not been the same since. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to carry triplets or more…

She ate almost two times more than other pregnant women carrying one child and her belly was two times bigger.
I can imagine the shock Guillermina would have experienced when she found out she was carrying not two or three… but FIVE babies at once.

This is noteworthy due to the fact that less than 10 quintuplets are born in the States each year. For each additional child a mother carries, it is said to add more complications such as gestational diabetes and placental abruption.

But here’s what makes Guillermina’s story exceptional:

Guillermina walked in the hospital with multiple bruises on her HUGE belly as a result of carrying so many babies. But Dr. Tracy Manuck was impressed and shocked by Guillermina’s calmness. Despite the fact that she suffered from high blood pressure, she did not complain once.

Guillermina carried the quintuplets for 31 1/2weeks–which was three weeks longer than most quintuplet mothers. Thus, her newborn babies were exceptionally healthy and their lungs were more developed than most other quintuplets.

Guillermina went into labor over the Memorial Day weekend in 2013 at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. A team of eight doctors worked hard to ensure that all five babies were delivered safely.

On that day, Guillermina gave birth to three baby girls and two boys–Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jordan.

Watch the video below to see ALL five babies getting delivered safely!