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Mother of cancer-stricken child gets anonymous letter lashing her ‘eyesore’ front yard

A mother whose disabled child has cancer received a cruel anonymous letter shaming her for her ‘eyesore’ front yard. The letter accused Randa Ragland of not caring about her home’s appearance, which she struggled to maintain while caring for three-year-old son, Jaxen, who has neuroblastoma stage four cancer.

Ragland told WKRG: ‘At first, I felt a little angry. But so much has been going on with us and our family. I just didn’t have enough energy to be negative.’ She said her son is also autistic and non-verbal. He was diagnosed with the extremely rare cancer just days before his third birthday.

AD Jaxen has already been hospitalized over 20 times and undergone seven surgeries, leaving Ragland little time to worry about the front yard of her home in Pinson, Alabama. Ragland took to Facebook, publishing the rude letter and her son’s story in an attempt to encourage her neighbors to be kind. She said: ‘My whole point was to show people you don’t know what somebody’s going through. Kindness goes such a long way. Gratitude goes such a long way.’

Penguin isolated in zoo gets over his loneliness by binge watching Pingu Bernard’s Lawn service saw the post and came to cut Ragland’s lawn for free, with other volunteers then showing up in quick succession.

Dozens of Good Samaritans came to help. Some went to the store to pick up necessities for the family. Others helped clean her home. Joe Harding, who was one of the volunteers said he was inspired after his six-year-old daughter, Lulu, died on July 25 of neuroblastoma cancer – the same cancer Jaxen has.

Volunteers showed up to help Ragland and her family on August 3rd He said: Look at this. This is love. This is love for a stranger. We don’t even know these people.’ ‘Words can’t describe what this means to me right now.

It’s helping me. It’s helping me cope with losing my daughter. To help another family in need.’ Topless women told to cover up on French beach The volunteers call themselves ‘Jaxen’s Army For Justice.’ They said they plan to support the family in whatever way is necessary. Ragland said: ‘I’m in amazement. I’m still in shock. I don’t have a large family. My mom is gone, my dad is gone, my brother is gone, so this means a lot.’