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Mother Notices Strange Man Looking At Her Kid; Once She Sees A Flash, She Realizes His Sick Behavior

A mom was inside a Walmart located in Washington state. While walking in the sections of the store, she noticed a man and although noticing a stranger inside of a store isn’t unusual, this particular guy have a strange vibe about him.

Her instincts were not incorrect, as she noticed the man’s hand and what he was doing with his child. Then things got worse.Kathy Wolcott was with her 3 year old son shopping when she noticed a man with a phone in his hand. Now of course, having a phone isn’t strange but she always discovered that the man was taking pictures of her little boy.

The mother had noticed the flash on the man’s cellphone so she decided to confront him and when she did, she demanded to see the pictures on his phone. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Read the full article here ▶