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Mother Kicked Off Flight Along With Her 6 Kids After 2-Year-Old Refuses To Wear Face Mask

A mother of six alleges that she was ordered to deplane a JetBlue flight this past Wednesday in Orlando, Florida, as her two-year-old toddler refused to wear a mask.

The mother had been planning to return to her home in Brooklyn, New York, after boarding the flight bound for Newark, New Jersey. But instead, was stranded alongside her six children at Orlando International Airport.

Chaya Bruck had just boarded the flight when her 2-year-old daughter, Dina, became uncooperative and refused to wear her mask for the flight — which is mandated by many major airlines for passengers 2 and older.

And when flight attendants approached Bruck about the issue, she attempted to explain the situation as calmly as possible.

But due to the rules, Bruck and her six children were quickly ordered off the plane.

“It was horrible, the whole experience was traumatizing,” Bruck told the Daily News on Wednesday afternoon.

Bruck spoke to reporters at Orlando International Airport, where she was still stranded.

“I was trying very hard … [The other children] were wearing their masks with their noses covered,” she said. “It says (on JetBlue’s website) that a child who cannot wear a mask does not have to wear a mask,” she insisted. “I tried to tell them this, but they didn’t care … They wanted me off the plane.”

Bruck also alleged that she did not intend to be difficult and how she “wasn’t making any trouble.”

“Why did we have to experience such a thing?” she said. “I am a woman flying alone with six children … They didn’t care.”

“They were really nasty,” Poinsette shared, adding that the mother was telling them she was trying to get her toddler to put the mask on but that it “wasn’t enough for them.”

With a background in the creative and educational fields, Amelia Finefrock is freelance writer, singer-songwriter and nanny based in Chicago.