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Mother-in-law brings her son’s ex-wife as her date to his wedding and thinks she’s “the love of his life”

When a bride excitedly showed up at her wedding, the last person she expected to see was her groom’s ex-wife. What she found even more shocking was that her mother-in-law was the one who brought the ex-wife to the wedding.

The 28-year-old bride shared the incident and explained that her 27-year-old fiancé’s family always called his ex-wife “the love of his life.”

“I don’t really care if they think that way because my husband has assured me that it’s not the case,” she wrote on Reddit. “…He told me that they were pretty toxic and that the relationship grew so bad that the best for both of them was to let go, even when his first wife, ‘Mindy,’ didn’t believe it.”

The bride revealed that it was hard for her to be accepted by her partner’s family, especially when her mother-in-law (MIL) was extremely close to Mindy.

Eventually, the bride also began getting closer to her mother-in-law. “Even though we didn’t become the perfect family,” she said, “we are close enough to let my MIL know that she’ll never be alone again.”

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Once the pandemic began, the couple used up most of the money they had on buying a house and also spent it on their son’s needs. So for their wedding, they decided to have just a small celebration that wouldn’t cost much. However, the mother-in-law wanted to do things differently and offered to pay for a bigger celebration.

Finally, on their wedding day, the bride and groom were stunned to see Mindy by the mother-in-law’s side.

“My husband and I are confused, my MIL approached us and we asked her what was happening. She said that she’d invited her to the wedding because it was a special day,” the bride recalled.

“My husband said that yes, it was a special day for us and that Mindy had no business being there and would appreciate if she left,” the woman went on to say. “My MIL looked at me and I said that I would rather that too, but my MIL got angry and said that she paid for the wedding and she could invite anyone she wanted. While we both agree, we said that Mindy wasn’t really ‘anyone’ and that it was the fact that she didn’t tell us before rather than inviting her.”

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The mother-in-law then said that she would leave the wedding if Mindy had to go.

“Then do,” the groom replied to his mother.

“She ended up saying that she’s gonna stay but that we had to tell Mindy to leave which my husband gladly did and my MIL spent all the evening mad,” the woman shared. “After the wedding we offered to pay for half of it or even everything if she wanted but she said that the damage was already done.”

After reading the woman’s post, most people on Reddit agreed that bride was “not the a**hole” in this situation.

“I wouldn’t even pay her back. I would remind her that SHE was the one who wanted the wedding to happen and they did her a favour, not the other way around,” commented hummingelephant.

“This sounds like MIL was trying to do the old ‘bait and switch.’ Bring Mindy to remind the husband how much ‘he loved her’ and they get remarried,” wrote Murderbunny13. “This lady needs to be cut off for a while….or forever….”

CameraLarge4749 said, “The fact that she quickly pointed out that she is the one who paid for the wedding makes me believe that this was her plan all along.”

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