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Mother hired nanny to help care for 11-year-old son, but never thought this decision would make her ‘throw up’!

The unfortunate mom, Nadean, said that her son, Chris, was just 11 years old when their live-in nanny changed the boy’s life. The 22-year-old woman, Marisa, was reportedly hired by Nadean to care for her son in the family home.

Per reports, the nanny was also recommended by Nadean’s sister-in-law, who had also employed her. Marisa moved in with the family, and Nadean came to think of her as a daughter.

But, behind closed doors, Marisa was reportedly grooming young Chris. “It was a game called ‘are you nervous,’ and the object of that game was she’d place her hands somewhere on my body and I’d say if I was nervous or not and things escalated from there,” the now-17-year-old Chris said. Read the full story here ▶