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Mother ‘bought this toy’ for her son, it nearly killed her infant daughter!

During an interview, the young mom, Folicia, was reportedly left stunned when her 10-month-old daughter, Kennedy, became lethargic and started vomiting.

Initially, the unfortunate mother thought her baby may have been having a bad reaction to some food she had eaten, but she would soon discover it was something so much worse as her daughter ended up fighting for her life.

When her baby’s symptoms didn’t subside, the mother became increasingly concerned and decided to take her daughter to the hospital in hopes of figuring out what was wrong. Eventually, the child was transported to a larger children’s hospital by ambulance, where doctors ran tests on the 10-month-old baby and found a large mass in her stomach. It was then that the cause of Kennedy’s problems became more clear. Read the full story here ▶