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A Massachusetts morgue employee has been hospitalized after he allegedly had sexual interactions with several cadavers infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Damien Cole, 29, was forced to admit to Western Massachusetts Hospital staff that he indulged in sexual intercourse with several male and female corpses at his workplace after he complained suffering from a severe fever.

Cole also admitted to partaking in oral and anal sex as well as unprotected genital sexual interactions with the deceased.

“This proves that the coronavirus can be spread through sexual interactions with deceased individuals as much as live ones,” Dr. Peter Patterson told reporters.

“Had he thoroughly cleaned the corpses and worn a mask as well as used a condom during his sexual interactions, he would not be in this situation today,” Dr. Patterson explained.

Damien Cole’s girlfriend was also admitted to Western Massachusetts Hospital shortly after she tested positive to the coronavirus.

“I was aware of his sexual activities at work but he kept arguing that sleeping with dead people isn’t technically like cheating” Cole’s girlfriend, Elisa Wood, 16, admitted to reporters when reached by phone.

Damien Cole could face several criminal charges for negligence as he knowingly had sexual interactions with cadavers infected with the coronavirus and transmitted the disease to others.

Cole should not face any charges for necrophilia according to legal experts as partaking in sexual intercourse with a dead body is a common and legal practice in the state of Massachusetts.