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Mom With 10 Kids Goes Viral For Showing Her 5 AM Daily Routine

Mom Alicia Dougherty has turned to TikTok to share her family’s inspiring story. However, fans and followers were delighted when Dougherty shared her rigorous 5 am routine that she completes for her children. In the viral video, Dougherty shows off a time-lapse presentation of her morning routine. People loved her content so much that it received more than eighteen million views as well as 42,000 comments on the video.

TikTokers were captivated by Dougherty’s routine, however, that was not the only thing people were impressed with. They were also surprised and delighted to hear that she was a mom of ten children – hence the name of her TikTok handle DoughteryDozen. While many people congratulated the dedicated mother on her ability to make sure her ten children – five of whom were adopted – get the care and love they need every single day of their lives. However, there was also a fair share of negative ignorant criticism lashing out at Dougherty for her dedication.

The viral video shows Dougherty packing ten healthy lunches, including medication for her kids, before moving on to ten customized breakfast plates for the children to enjoy before heading off to school for the day. The family lives in Pittsford, New York.

Some people criticized the size of Dougherty’s family; they lashed out at the mom and accused her of having too many children.

“If you decide to have this many kids, you don’t deserve to complain,” one user wrote.

“Why have so many kids?” one user asked.

“Tell me you’re Catholic without telling me you’re Catholic,” another user wrote.

“Birth control man,” commented another user.

But these haters failed to realize the inspiring story behind the large Dougherty family.

The truth is that the Dougherty’s are big-hearted people with a lot of love to give. That’s why she and her husband adopted and fostered children. Now, six of their children were born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or FASD. During an interview with People magazine, the large family told their story.

“It was the most heartbreaking, soul-ripping, life-altering experience,” said husband Josh, 41, “but we never considered giving up.”

The family wanted to help these disadvantaged children.

“So many people gave up on these kids,” said Alicia, “but they knew we wouldn’t.”

She added, “We see parenting as a privilege.”

And they don’t sugarcoat the truth for their children with FASD.

“We are 100 percent honest and transparent with them,” Josh told People. “It’s their truth. But a person is not their diagnosis, and we’re doing our best to help them move forward with their life.”

Alex, one of the Doughertys’ sons with FASD, explains how challenging it is to have the diagnosis.

“People with fetal alcohol have harder problems because of how their brain thinks,” he says. “Regular kids without fetal alcohol can think a little bit harder than fetal alcohol children. That’s why my mom and dad figured out what to do with me, and now I’m having a great life.”

What do you think about this big and big-hearted family?