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Mom Thankful to be Alive After Being Shot 11 Times by Ex-Boyfriend in Horrific Attack

A local mom is thankful to be alive and tougher than she ever imagined after she was shot 11 times by an abusive ex-boyfriend last month in Chicago.

“I just thank God I am here,” Lasonya Agee says.

Agee is still being treated at a local hospital after the shooting, which occurred in the 7800 block of South Muskegon.

She became involved in an argument with the man, who pulled out a gun and fired shots at her. She was hit 11 times, and was taken to an area hospital.

Two other people, Agee’s grandmother and her uncle, were also shot after seeing the incident, and she believes they were deliberately targeted by the gunman.

“I believe he was trying to kill (everyone) and leave no witnesses,” she says.

The shooting was captured on surveillance tape, and it happened as Agee was getting out of her car.

“We were talking for a minute and he was trying to make me get back in (his) car with him, and I said no,” she recalls. “He then said ‘okay, okay,’ and pulled up and started shooting.”

One of the individuals who was present escaped being shot: Agee’s 3-year-old son.

“He was trying to help me. He said ‘come on mom,’” she recalls.

Agee says her ex is still on the run, and that she considers him to be extremely dangerous.

“There is no way he should still be roaming the city when he shot three people,” she says.

Tonight, she has a message for all victims of domestic violence, and that is why she is sharing her story.

“I want to tell them they are not alone,” she says.