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Mom Takes Disabled Husband To Dinner, Then She Finds Note Left On Windshield

All Kionna and her husband, Dusty, wanted was a nice evening together with their 8-year-old daughter. What they got instead left them completely stunned, but it provided a good opportunity for Kionna to teach her daughter – and the rest of us – a very important lesson.

Dusty suffers from muscular dystrophy, which causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. For years he refused to use a wheelchair to get around, but after a fall left him with two blown out knees and a broken ankle he decided it was time to take his doctors’ advice.

His condition is difficult on the whole family, especially Kionna, who has to help lift and move him, but it’s a hardship she bears gladly.

When the family went out to dinner at an Olive Garden in Oklahoma City, they thought only of the time they were going to get to spend together as a family. But when they got to their car and found a hateful note under their windshield, their stomachs dropped.

“Disabled?” the note read. “No. Just your big fat a**es.”

Kionna tried to get rid of the note before her daughter could see it, but she was too late. Instead, she decided to turn the hurtful act into an important lesson, and what she had to say is going viral.

Kionna posted on Facebook:

To the person/persons that left this note on my car at the Olive Garden on Memorial in OKC today, I’d like to say thank you! Your misguided and uninformed attempt to shame me and my family provided an opportunity to teach my 8 year old daughter a lesson. Upon seeing this note, she said “Mom, why would someone do that? They don’t even know us.” This coming from a little girl who’s daddy will never get to walk her down the aisle, because, he is in fact disabled.

So we explained to her that some people just have hate in their hearts. We further explained how your actions can deeply affect others around you, and how she should always be conscious of others feelings. I explained that she was right. These people didn’t know us. They didn’t know that my husband has Muscular Dystrophy and has struggled with it his entire life. They didn’t know that even though his doctors advised him to go into a wheelchair years ago, he refused, and instead, remained on his own two feet until he finally fell for the last time, blowing out both knees and breaking an ankle. They didn’t understand that we’ve spent the last 2 years learning to adjust to a life in which he can’t even stand up to get in and out of a car. They didn’t see that I’ve torn my rotator cuff lifting on him to assist him in his transitions. They have no idea that he already lives in constant pain, and that their hurtful words would only add to that. They didn’t know that the reason that he has a belly is because there are no stomach muscles left to hold everything in tight. They didn’t know that our 8 year old already struggles to understand why her daddy can’t run and play with her the way other daddies do. They just didn’t know. And because they didn’t know, they allowed the hate in their hearts to get the better of them.

So again, I’d just like to say Thank You. Your ignorance provided a wonderful opportunity for me and my husband, who have struggled and survived and come out stronger in the last couple of years, to not only teach our daughter a valuable lesson, but provided another opportunity for us to overcome and to be thankful for the blessings that continue to come our way!

A valuable lesson for all of us to seek to understand before letting hate and judgment get the better of us.