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Mom Stunned After Friend Starting Seeing Her Late Dad Kissing His Granddaughter in Latest Sonogram Picture

When Shantel Carrillo shared a sonogram of her child on social media, she was stunned by the responses. No, it wasn’t because her baby was making a funny hand gesture or because the baby was making a funny face, but because many of the people who saw the photo believed an angel kissing her child.

As Carrillo told Fox 5, she was five months pregnant when she went in for a routine check-up and received a new sonogram photo of her growing child. The mom-to-be was expecting a baby girl.

As Carrillo explained, she was originally excited about the sonogram because it was the first time the technician was able to capture her daughter’s profile. In fact, it wasn’t until the mom posted the sonogram picture on social media that people started pointing out the angel to her.

And when Carrillo took a closer look, she told Fox 5 that it wasn’t just any angel kissing her daughter in the photo, but it was her late father giving his granddaughter a kiss:

“It has his nose, his little chubby cheeks, his little double chin, and my dad wore a hat like all the time. It looks like the bill of his hat and his lips are just touching hers so perfectly.”

As Carrillo explained, her father passed away suddenly in 2016. Carrillo and her oldest daughter were his only daughter and granddaughter. That is until she learned she was expecting a second baby girl in 2020.

“I found a picture of my dad looking at my first daughter like the same way he was looking at the ultrasound and it’s like dead on. … I think my dad would just be over the moon about it, so I feel like he’s including himself in this someway, somehow.”

Now, Carrillo is even more grateful for the sonogram. She told Fox 5 that her daughter is due in April, just a few days before her grandfather’s birthday.

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