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Mom Stabs Her Two Children In The Head. Once Cops Find Them, They See Something Shocking

Doctors often are witnesses to some very tragic, scary and horrific things everyday. Trauma surgeons are very experienced when it comes to dealing with bloody situations, and its important for them to be comfortable in these sorts of situations where most wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Dr. Joseph Soto of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital spends his days in the trauma ward, but he was not prepare for the horror that he came across concerning two little boys.

Brown stabbed the two boys, Guillermo with a pair of scissors and Juan Pedro with the knife. She proceeded to leave the boys for dead, walk to the police station, and turn herself in for murder. According to one county worker, it was then that she admitted, “I just killed my kids.”
Police officers rushed to the scene of the crime as fast as they could, and the scene there shocked every single one to the core. The scissors stuck grotesquely out of Guillermo’s head, while the knife clung to the inside of Juan’s tiny neck.

“I’ve taken care of a lot of patients – kids and adults – who have been through a trauma; stabbings, gunshot wounds to the neck,” Dr. Soto continued. “But never have I seen this type of situation with these two boys – two young boys, who were basically defenseless.”
The officers called for medical services and the boys were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors did everything they could as these tiny young boys barely hung onto their lives.

Juan and Guillermo’s lives were saved that day, and they spent around a month in recovery. After their discharge, they were given into their aunt’s care with oversight from their grandparents.

Their recovery has been absolutely miraculous, and the most lasting damage will be to Guillermo’s hearing. Considering they barely managed to stay alive, results this positive are a reason to celebrate!

“I hope when people hear this story, they realize that there can be some pretty bad things that can happen, but you just keep that faith,” Dr. Soto said in an inspirational conclusion. “You keep that hope, and you can still have the happier ending. It doesn’t have to be a bad ending.”

Carolyn was immediately arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder. She was declared mentally unfit to stand trial when her turn was up several months later, and her current status is still up in the air.

These boys still need all the positive thoughts that we can muster as they continue to recover and heal from such a tragic incident. What happened with their mother is nothing short of a tragedy, if not for the miraculous work of Dr. Soto and his heroic team.

“One boy had a pair of scissors through his ear, his left ear. Another boy had a knife through his neck, going up towards his head, in his brain,” he told Daily Mail.

The attacker was the person the police would least expect – their mother, 33-year-old Carolyn Brown. She attempted to murder her children, Guillermo Timoteo and his older brother Juan Pedro Nino-Brown.