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Mom Spots Cop Approaching Kids, Shocked When She Sees What’s In His Hands

As a mom of three was watching two of her kids say goodbye to their dad as his Navy ship sailed off, she never could have predicted how her day would take a turn. When a cop approached her screaming kids, she was left shocked to see what he held in his hands.

Brettany Buetow had taken her two oldest children, Rileigh and Austin, to the shore to see their Navy father, Joshua Buetow, as he deployed for several months on the aircraft carrier. However, she got more than she expected when her children started screaming, drawing the attention of a nearby police officer.

As any mother would, she became a bit nervous as San Diego Police Officer James Weaver pulled up in his cop car and slowly approached her children. However, she was left shocked when she realized what he was doing after she saw what he held in his hands — the microphone to his PA system.

The officer allowed the excited children to use his PA system to say goodbye to their dad. “I did not expect it at all,” Brettany said, according to Daily Mail. “It really meant a lot to our family and to the kids.”

The officer later admitted that he intended to simply watch the view of the ship leaving when he spotted the kids screaming. Of course, he knew that there was no chance of their father hearing their goodbyes, so he offered his PA system to give them a chance to be heard.

Of course, Rileigh stepped right up and shouted, “Bye, daddy!” However, her screams were so loud, her brother, Austin, was startled.
“He just shook his head, like, ‘I’m not going to say anything,’’’ his mother, Brettany, recalled, according to Inside Edition. “It was really loud.”

Although the mother was holding it together up until that point, the thought of Officer Weaver’s kindness sent her over the edge. “I started crying,” she said. “This is our first deployment, so we’ve never been through this before.”

Brettany later posted a few photos of the incident on Facebook, along with others of Rileigh, Austin, and 2-month-old Ryder. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t hear his children over the police officer’s PA system, but it was the thought that counted.

It’s the small things that children will remember when they grow up. There’s no doubt in my mind that they will still be talking about Officer Weaver’s kind gesture when their dad returns home. Instances like this only prove that our men in women in blue are true heroes and will go above and beyond to make their communities safe and happy.