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Mom Lost Bracelet That Was a Tribute to Late Son. Store Owner Who Also Lost a Child Sent a New One

In late December, Arizona mom Amy Kownack was on a work trip in Richmond, Virginia when she lost a precious tribute to her late son.

The mom had worn a Pandora bracelet with her son’s name, Carston, on it since the 4-year-old passed away in a tragic drowning accident in 2008.

She told WRIC:

“When you lose someone you love, you cling to what you can have, and for me, that bracelet was one of those things.”

Kownack went back and searched areas she thought the bracelet may have been lost but didn’t have any luck. That’s when the mom turned to social media.

She posted a photo of the bracelet to Facebook asking local residents to keep an eye out.

Kownack wrote:

I lost my Carston Pandora bracelet today somewhere in Richmond Virginia that I’ve had since I lost him….. just sick about it ?

here is the only photo, sorry not very clear… had beads that spelled CARSTON, a two bead heart tthat connected said mother/son inside, giraffe, angel, family is forever, treasure box, heart, monkey, love knot, butterfly and hummingbird and several others . Thanks friends for all the prayers. Happy new year to all my amazing peeps

The mom told WRIC that she quickly got thousands of responses on Facebook from people wanting to help.

Some gave words of support and other even offered to go check pawn shops for the bracelet.

Then last week, Kownack received a brand new Pandora bracelet in the mail from a stranger. It had her son’s name on it, just like the one she lost.

It was from Penelope Searcy, a boutique owner who had also lost a child and was touched by Amy’s story, WRIC reports.

The mom said Searcy’s gesture was “super kind” and that it feels like she’s “starting fresh.”  Kownack said:

“It’s really kind of given me a little hope about humanity. I can’t tell the people of Richmond and Virginia how much it meant to me to have so many people try and help me.”

Still, Kownack said she hopes for a “miracle” that will return the original bracelet to her.