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Mom Leaves 2 Kids on Side of the Road and Never Comes Back

Instead of a smooth and happy start to life, two youngsters experienced the worst possible circumstances, leaving them alone, confused, and heartbroken. They were on the brink of hopelessness and thought their woes would never end. Little did they know what fate had in store for them. Malachi and his little sister Navia knew firsthand how unfair and sad life could be. Because of their never-ending trials and tribulations, they had been through highly challenging periods and were done for physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Still, their sore trials were far from over. Every day brought along sheer uncertainty, despair, and bitterness for the siblings. Malachi lost his father in a car crash at a tender age, and Navia’s dad’s whereabouts were unknown. Their birth mother struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction and was hardly around. One day, the children’s mother put them in a stolen vehicle and drove off. Read the full story here ▶