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Mom Has Investigators From Child Services Come Home After Letting Kids Play In Backyard

I remember growing up and playing outside with my younger brother. We had a swing set and a fenced backyard. Once our ‘chores’ were done, we were both outside playing in the yard. Would you believe that a mom from Manitoba is in trouble with Child Services for letting her children ages ten, five, and two play outside unsupervised?!

The children were outside (in the fenced in backyard) while mom, Jacqui Kendrick, was inside. CTV News reported that a complaint had been issued to Children and Family Services (CFS) and an investigation was launched.

Kendrick had thought that the CFS worker was satisfied that the children were safe, but the incident has now been recorded and is on Kendrick’s record! The backyard the children play in is enclosed on one side with chain link, and the other three sides are wood, Jacqui can see the entire yard from her living room window. Read the full story here ▶