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Mom goes into labor at her local pool, teenage lifeguard jumps in ‘to save the day’

As a teenager with your first job, it can be a little overwhelming to navigate the adult work of full-time employment.  This teenager, got much more than she bargained for during her work shift when she realized she was the one who would have to assist a woman in labor.

The 18-year-old teen, Natalie, was more responsible than most of her peers which is why she began working as a lifeguard at such a tender age. During her work, she was well aware that she was responsible for the safety of everyone at the pool. During her watch, she would make sure everyone abided by the safety rules and felt safe at the community pool. Natalie has been a lifeguard for three years at this point hence was an old hand at the job and knew the rules like the back of her hand. One day when she was on the morning shift, she noticed a pregnant woman enter the pool area with her husband in tow. While a heavily pregnant woman at the pool was odd, it was not entirely out of the realm of possibilities so Natalie did not pay much attention to it. Read the full story here ▶