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Mom gives birth to 11 babies then doctors realize one of them isn’t a baby

Mom gives birth to 11 babies. Then doctors realize one of them isn’t a baby. She thought she was pregnant with twins, but she gave birth to 11 babies. Imagine for a moment how she’d feel about being pregnant, being relaxed, lying down and feeling that huge belly full of life inside when suddenly they start to feel that her baby is kicking against the wall of her belly, something very

tender that makes you feel very much Closer to your son, but suddenly new taps begin to be felt, but these are very far from the place where she was kicking a moment ago. Can she turn around so quickly, however, when you start to feel bumps all over your belly, it’s not just two little legs.

They sit in at least eight or sixteen places. At the same time, either you have an octopus inside you, or there are many more children than you had imagined what an impression. I hope, you’re in the mood to change about 100 diapers a day, because very soon the house will be full of life and love. Read the full story here ▶