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Mom Finds Horrible Use For Her Baby Girl’s Pajama Pants, Then Her Son Walks In

A Texas mother was frustrated with her crying baby and decided that her daughter needed to be punished for it. That’s when she came of up with a sick new use for her child’s pajama pants. Then, she sent her son in after.

Kayla Monique Stouten-Orozco, 24, had become uncontrollably irritated over her 15-month-old’s crying. Rather than attending to her daughter’s needs, which was causing her to fuss, she let the baby cry until she couldn’t take it anymore.

According to KTRK, the infant, Estrellia Elecia Enriquez, was still crying it out in her room when the mother came in and ripped off the child’s pajama pants, then suffocated her with them. In a fit of rage and quest for a little peace and quiet, Kayla tied the girl’s pants around her face, then left the room. Read the full story here ▶