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Mom Fails To Keep Her Toddler From Destroying This Guy’s Phone, Says She Won’t Pay For It, Causes A Debate Online

Falls, cuts, and burns are some of the most common kid injuries out there. So parents have to be really careful when they take their little ones to an environment with steep edges, hot surfaces, and sharp objects.

I know, at first, it sounds like I’m describing a battlefield but even someone’s backyard can become a front line in this regard.

Consider a BBQ party. A pool filled with water, a flaming hot grill, and countless knives make it pretty hostile for someone who eats dirt and has the motor skills of a stick.

Recently, however, one mother left her toddler alone in these exact conditions. Luckily, the one-year-old didn’t hurt herself. But the girl did destroy everything in her path. Including one of the guest’s phones. After the guy saw his ruined device, he approached the mom and asked her to buy him a new one. But she refused.

Not sure what to make of the situation, he asked the subreddit “Am I the [Jerk]” whether or not his request was reasonable.

Image credits: Bob_Dmyt

Some people said the guy shouldn’t have left his phone unattended

While others think the mom is responsible for the damage