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Mom Delivers Baby, But 6 Weeks Later Doctors Find His Deadly Unborn ‘Twin’ Hidden Inside

Extreme Trends presents “Mom Delivers a Baby, but Six Weeks Later Doctors Find His Deadly Unborn Twin Hidden Inside.” Nine months worth of planning and waiting have come to fruition, and nothing equals the moment when a newborn child is placed in a mother’s arms for the first time. Unfortunately, childbirth can pose dangers for some women, including complications during birth and afterward.

This is a tragic story about one mother who hoped to celebrate the birth of her child but ended up fighting for her own life instead. Liane Crowley of Orpington, Kent, was 38 years old and expecting the birth of her fourth child in December of 2016. But from the start, the birth of baby Louie proved harrowing and difficult. Even though all the baby’s scans were normal, Louie was born grey and lifeless, and he had suffered significant blood loss, around 80%. Leann stated that Louie had to be resuscitated, and it took doctors quite a time to bring him around. Read the full story here ▶