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Miami woman mugs convenience store with bloody tampon infected with coronavirus

According to eyewitness testimonies, Ophelia Jackson, 34, threatened the convenience store clerk with a “bloody tampon” which had allegedly been exposed to the coronavirus.

Jackson kept coughing and sneezing during the holdup while holding the bloody tampon to the face of the employee, threatening him multiple times that she would “shove it down his throat” if he didn’t comply.

“She held me hostage with an old tampon soaked in blood and kept coughing, sneezing and spitting all over me,” the 21-year-old victim of the attack told reporters.

21-year-old convenience store clerk, Jung Lee, claims he had the fright of his life when Ophelia Jackson, 34, threatened to make him eat a bloody tampon allegedly infected with the coronavirus.

“She pulled out the tampon from the inside of her pants and then shoved it around like a weapon, screaming: Can you smell that? Can you smell that shit? That’s the smell of coronavirus”, Lee told reporters.

Ophelia Jackson left with $34 from the cash register, 2 packs of cigarettes and a bag of Cheetos before she was apprehended by Miami police.

“The suspect threw the potentially lethal object at an officer before she was neutralized with the use of a taser gun. I am happy to say that the officer in question has proven not to be infected with COVID-19 and should recover swiftly,” reassured Deputy Sheriff Alan Johnson of the Miami Police Department.

Last week, a similar event occurred in the downtown Miami area when a man attempted to rob a grocery store while threatening store employees with his erect penis while masturbating and claiming he had HIV.