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Man Sells 4 Year Old Son On Craigslist To Buy Apple Watch

A 22-year-old man named Jason Arenas has been arrested by New York police after allegedly selling his four-year-old son and his soul on craigslist for $500, so he could buy the new Apple Watch.

Authorities arrested Arenas earlier today after people began notifying the police of a craigslist listing where a man was selling his soul and his son for $500 to purchase the device.

Authorities saw the listing and found that Jason was advertising his son as “hard-working” and “doesn’t eat a lot.”

Authorities grew suspicious as to whether it was a joke or true. A group of NYPD officers decided to visit the home of Arenas and found that his four-year-old was nowhere to be found.

Police also found a printed receipt on the kitchen table for a purchase of the Apple Watch.

Police questioned Arenas as to where his son was, where he finally admitted that he sold him already, along with his soul.

After telling the authorities who he sold his son to, the four-year-old was retrieved a few hours later. Arenas was arrested on one count of child trafficking.


Reporters managed to interview Jason about the sale of his son and why. Jason responded with, “I really wanted the Apple Watch fam, I see that sh*t in videos and was like nah I need to get it, does my son tell me what time it is? No. Does my son tell me who sneak dissin’ on Twitter? No – But that Apple Watch could. Everybody mad because I sold my son but did he die? No. Okay then so we all good.”

Jason is looking at facing up to three years in prison for selling his son on craigslist if found guilty in a court of law.